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We are your one stop shop for all your information. We understand the need for the cheap web hosting services, but we also know that it is not easy to find just what suits you. Many people need a number of questions answered before they can make up their mind and now there is a place they can do that. Our FAQ section has a compilation of most of the common questions we have received through the years as well as those that we continue to find.

We give answers to all those questions being asked and even more information that is necessary to make a decision.

Best Web Hosting – What are we about?

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals who strive to present to our visitors an unbiased, researched opinion on services avaliable in Ireland.

We believe that everyone deserves the best and we do all that is possible to ensure that you get it without having to spend an arm and a leg.

The information we provide on our web site has been researched, is updated regularly and is accurate. We have taken the time to understand the common concerns of different businesses in regard to finding the right plan for you and we have compiled related information to help address most, if not all of the concerns you may have.

For us it is not just about bombarding you with a lot of information, rather it is about sieving the information out there and then providing exactly what you will find beneficial.

It does not matter whether you have any past experience with webhosting, we believe that everyone can get the basics of this very important service. We share our knowledge that we have gained over years of experience and we strive to present it in the simplest way so that anyone and everyone understands what they are getting into.

How can we help you

The biggest service we can offer you is recommendation. We all need recommendations when making buying decisions. When it comes to hosting, we are the experts. We however will not just tell you to go to this company or that one, we actually show you what they have to offer. Some of the comparisons we provide include:

– Features: we provide you with accurate information about the features of the top providers. We give you a list of the different features you would be able to enjoy on your website if you chose a particular company.

– Reviews: We give you reviews from people who have actually used some of these websites. The reviews can tell you what to expect and the rating give you an idea of how satisfactory the services of the providers are.

– Packages: We compile the different packages offered by different businesses so that you can know which one suits you best. For example how many emails will you have access to, how much storage space will you have, and so on.

– Price: Getting the best price is very important and we help compare the different price offers so that you are able to get find a cheap suitable.

We are also able to help you with additional information in regard to setting up a website and choosing a package. You can consider us you consultants on helping you getting your website set up. Whatever answers you may not find on our website, you can forward to our team and we will gladly provide you with the necessary information. Check our article here to get started.

Website hosting – explanation

This is an essential service that enables websites to be available on the world wide web. They provide a number of tools as well as infrastructure to ensure that a website can be accessed online. One of the most important provisions is a server or space on a server. In order for a website to be hosted, it needs to have a location and that location is on a server. The server can be compared to land on which to build an online location or office space to carry out online business.

When a business or individual signs up, the files and pages of the website are uploaded on to the host server which is connected to a fast network. When an internet user types the web address of a particular website, they will be connected to the server which will then transfer the data to the user computer so that they are able to see the information from the website.

They do more than just providing space on a server, the host can also offer support services for example upgrade of software, securing data on the server from virtual and actual threats. For example virtual threats may include malware and viruses while actual threats can include theft of data at the site where the servers are stored.

The web hosts can also provide assistance in getting started with building your site and at times even help you set up the site. Today there are a number of templates that make setting up a site very easy and these may also be provided by a web hosting company. So now you can see why good hosting is so important.

There are different types of packages and these are:

Shared Hosting

– Virtual Private Server

– Cloud Hosting

– Reseller Hosting

– Dedicated Hosting

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a service that provides a virtual privacy within a shared environment. With this type of service, it is possible to mimic a dedicated server even though the website is sharing the same server with many other websites.

VPS is suited for websites that may have high levels of traffic that may not be supported by a shared hosting but at the same time would find a dedicated server too big and too expensive. VPS allows a client to enjoy a number of the benefits of having a dedicated server but still not have to pay as much as they would for a dedicated one.

The benefits of VPS hosting include:

– Privacy: there is more privacy created since the Operating Systems are different thus other users of the server cannot access other people’s files.

– Dedicated RAM: Unlike shared, where you have to share RAM, VPS provides a dedicated amount of RAM that is available only to you at any time and this is very convenient

– Customization: It is much easier to customize the applications and software on your virtual server to suit your needs and there is no worry of affecting other users of the server.

– Individual control: if another user chooses to make some changes to the server that require the server to be restarted, this will not affect other clients on the virtual servers since each website has its own virtual space.

Dedicated/Colocation Server

Choosing between dedicated or colocation server depends greatly on the needs of a website. It is important to understand the 2 options before you make a choice.

A dedicated server is one that is used by only one client. The client hires the entire server and has total control over it and can configure and customise different software to suit their needs. On the other hand, a colocation server is more of actual space in a server room that is rented by a business. Some big businesses prefer to buy their own servers but because they are very big, they decide to hire storage space for their equipment. This equipment remains property of the business but the provider of the service can provide support assistance to ensure smooth operation of the equipment.

A dedicated server is appropriate when you have a large amount of traffic to your site and need to have full control of the server but you may not be able to purchase your own server. Colocation is best when you have the money to spend on purchasing your own equipment and you want to be able to do whatever you want with your server without restriction from the company, however, you do not have the space to keep the server and technical support to manage it.

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