Good web hosting important?

Even if a website owner has the best content online, without good servers, a lot of their efforts will be futile. Good servers is very important to the success of the site, more so if it is a business site. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to find the provider or, at least, close to the best.

-SEO related

Every site should aim to be easily found online. This means it is easily found by search engines. Some of the things that will affect your SEO are problems associated with the provider, For example:

– Load speeds:

Search engines recommend sites that are highly responsive. Sluggish speeds affect the user experience, therefore, the likes of Google and Bling will ignore slow loading sites in favour of the faster ones.

– Downtime:

The frequency of downtime and the duration will greatly affect SEO. If a site is not available, search engines will not recommend it. Site hosting with a lot of downtime will disappoint so many visitors and they will lose interest in the site. Search engines are also trying to protect their reputation so they would rather cut ties with sites that are always down.

– Affect your Rankings

One of the most popular ranking sites is Alexa and you will notice in the rankings it offers insight into what determines a site’s ranking and one of them is load speeds and downtime. These will, in turn, affect the following:


– Bounce rate:

When a page takes too long to load or is unavailable, naturally the visitor is going to leave, when you have so many people doing that then your bounce rates will increase and the rankings of the site will go down. Webhosting that fails to manage the traffic on it’s servers will cause a lot of bounces for the websites hosted on it and the rankings will drop dramatically.

– Conversions

Ranking is also going to affect the conversion. If you have a site that requires visitors to stick on and say make a purchase or read detail about your business, it defeats the purpose if they click on the site and get discouraged too soon so they do not see the important information which would have contributed to a conversion so the site is not doing what it is intended for.

Which costs you money

If you are not getting conversions, naturally you will not be making any money. First of all, you are spending money on the host but money is not coming in. For an e-commerce site, the best is very important because even less than an hour of downtime can cost millions of Euros. Every time a visitor is unable to access the site that is money being lost. For smaller businesses it is even worse because the budget for advertising is limited so a working site is very important for telling people what you have to offer and if that is not possible, the business will take a big hit.

Parting Shot
The importance of having an online presence cannot be overemphasised. It is simply important. However, the importance of choosing the right hosting company must be borne in mind. It is important to choose wisely since this defines your online experience and that of anyone who visits your site. When it comes to website hosting, go with a firm that has unparalled expertise and many years of experience. Check out our FAQ of most frequently asked questions.


What are we about?
We are an experienced team with a drive to provide the best reviews in Ireland and beyond. Every member of the team is dedicated to their work which makes it much easier for them to provide service with a smile no matter the situation.

We believe in putting the needs of our customer first and know that the best way to satisfy a customer is to understand what they want, give them information about what they are getting so that in the end they can make an informed decision based on what will work best for them.

Choosing the right hosting

The first step in choosing the right hosting is to identify your needs. When you know what you need, it becomes easier to go ahead and make a choice. It is also advisable to check comparison sites so that you know what to expect from each host and see which one is offering you better service at a reasonable price. The following are the types.

Different type of website hosting and who they suit

Shared Web Hosting:

This is recommended for start-up businesses and small websites that will not have a lot of traffic. If you are just starting up a website it is best to go for this and possibly upgrade when the traffic increases and people know the site. Shared is the most preferred  type because it provides a cheap option. Sometimes sign up is even free and then renewal will be charged. Shared  involves using one server that hosts a number of other websites. With shared, you share the RAM of the server and the CPU. What other websites do can also affect the other websites sharing the server. It is important to remember that if you have too much traffic to your website, it can result in a crash.

Virtual Private Server:

VPS is also a type of shared hosting but, in this case, there is a virtual division on the shared server so that each website will have its own IP address on the server. It is ideal for website owners who would like to have more freedom to upgrade, and install new software without having to go through system administrators. Many people who may want to upgrade from the shared plan but do not have a lot of money, will prefer this option as long as they do not have too much traffic to their site. VPS gives more freedom to send emails and stream media, which would be restricted on an ordinary shared server. It might not be the best package, but it suits particular needs at a reasonable price.

Cloud Hosting:
Cloud employs cloud computing technology which enables a number of computers referred to as a cloud to handle some of the traffic to a particular server. It is part of virtual private hosting but is at times provided as a option on its own. It is ideal for websites that may experience a spike in traffic from time to time and may need more resources to handle this. It can be compared to getting a temporary upgrade that occurs immediately without having to wait for the upgrade to be implemented.


This is the best for websites that wish to provide third party as part of their business. With reseller, the website is able to offer space on their allotted hard drive, to third parties. The reseller buys server space from the main host and then offers it to customers for a profit. In most cases reseller hosts have a dedicated server which they turn into a shared server that they will administer and ensure their customers adhere to the terms and conditions of the main host. Reseller hosting is ideal for web site designers, web developers and system integrators who will offer hosting services to their clients

Dedicated Server:

This is the most powerful  type with a lot of freedom to manage the server as you see fit. It is ideal for big businesses that receive a lot of traffic. It is also ideal for resellers. Dedicated servers, however, are the most expensive option. Popular sites, businesses with large customer databases and those with high traffic will find this to be the best option. Dedicated  offers better security, more freedom to install new software and stability of emails. With dedicated , the client is the only user of the server and can choose how to use it according to their need.

Server location:
The server location is one of the big questions you need to get answered before you choose a host. The location of a server can greatly affect your website’s performance. Location can determine, how fast your site loads, how natural or political events affect your website, the kind of audience you attract as well as the technology available for you to use on your website. Consider the impact an earthquake could have on your website if it is hosted in a location that is prone to earthquakes. Or if the server is located in an area with poor electricity supply, what impact would that have on your website. We recommend you use a provider with servers based in Ireland if your website an Irish customer base.

– Might want server location close to target audience ( faster page load speed)

It is very important too that the server location is close to your target audience in order to improve loading speeds which in turn will affect the SEO ranking and entire performance of your website. When a visitor to your website clicks on a page, the request is sent through multiple channels before it gets to the server and then back to the guest so if the server is far off, the time it will take to load that page will be longer so having the server near your target will help speed up loading time.

Alternatively, the server location should be in a place with good infrastructure which will reduce the problem associated with ‘Hops’ made when trying to access servers that are far away. This mainly applies to businesses that may have an international audience and may want to reduce the cost of setting up servers in every continent in the name of proximity to the audience.

Price is another very important consideration to take when choosing the best web hosting. Your budget can determine what type you will go for. This does not mean you should sacrifice quality in the name of getting a cheap deal. It is possible to find an affordable option that will still be good enough. Make a comparison of different options and then choose the best that is also within your budget.

Other things to be aware of

When choosing the right hosting for a site, it is important that you also ask the following questions. The answers will help you make a decision basing on your needs.

How many domains and emails with the package?
When your site gets busy, you will probably need to be able to send out emails to your customers for example if they have signed up for newsletters. Or if you would like to use email marketing as one of your marketing strategies. Even if the package says you will receive unlimited, it is important to find out the terms and conditions of that unlimited offer since many times, unlimited does not really mean there are no conditions on the number of emails or domain names.

You do not want to end up losing data on your website, so it is important to know what kind of backup system is used and how much can it do for you. For example, if the server is affected by malware, is there a backup system that can be used to keep the site running? Find out as much as you can about the backup.

Customer service:
Websites are supposed to be available 24/7 which means problems can arise at any time, it is a good idea to find out if the host provides customer service at all times and what kind of assistance do they provide. If you are not familiar with the technical bit of running a website, it helps to have customer service that will be on hand to help at all times or according to your need.

faq hosting


Q. Why do I need?
In order for people to see your website, it needs to be published online, this enables you to publish your website online.

Q. How does it work?
Think of webhosting like renting office space in a busy commercial building. The web host provides you with space on their server where your website will be located and then they provide support service to help you keep your website running effectively.

Q. What kind of package is best for me?
There are a number of packages to suit different needs right from beginners to experts. It is a good idea to evaluate your needs first before a package can be recommended. You can check what is on offer in the different packages and decide if it attends to your needs.

Q. I do not know much about all this online stuff, how easy will it be for me to use?
The software used today is designed to be user-friendly, as long as you have the basics of managing a website, you should be able to use the service, however, you can also depend on the support team. Providers, always have support teams to help users with whatever problems they may have.

Q. How long does it take to set up?
Once you have chosen a package, it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to set up.

Q. What is a domain name?
A domain name is like an address. The same way houses need to have addresses, a website needs to have a domain name. Now it would be very hard to memorise the IP address of a website but it is much easier to memorise a domain name like So a domain name is an easier way to identify a website.

Q. What is shared hosting?

This is where your website is put on the same server with many other websites. It is appropriate for websites with moderate traffic and if you are looking for cheap web hosting. Web sites on a shared server will share RAM and other similar resources.

Q. Are there any disadvantages of shared servers?

If your site has high traffic, then it may be slowed down. Sites on shared servers also can be affected by the performance of the other sites they share the server with.

Q. What is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, it divides the main server into private servers so that even if the sites are sharing the server, it will still seem as if they have independent virtual servers. Users have root access to their virtual space and it has better security. It is a cheaper option compared to dedicated server.

Q. What are the disadvantages of VPS?

Because you are still sharing a server, the traffic levels are limited and there is still a degree of risk that your server can be affected by other sites sharing the server.

Q. What is Dedicated Server Hosting?
Just as the name suggests, a website with a dedicated server has its own server dedicated to that website. No other website is stored on that server. The main disadvantage of this is that you are buying an entire server so it will obviously cost much more that shared ones.

Q. What is cloud hosting?
This is a package that enables multiple computers referred to as a cloud that are able to handle increased traffic and spikes from multiple websites. The disadvantage of this is that there is no root access and the website owner cannot add software. It also comes at a higher cost.

Q. What is bandwidth?
This is the rate at which a maximum amount of data can be transferred, usually measured per second. Small explanation of what it is and how it can be affected.

Q. What is data transfer?
This is the amount of bandwidth that is consumed.

Q. Can I find a good and cheap website package?
It is a common misconception that you need to spend more to get a good website host. The truth is it depends on your needs. There are some really good packages that you can get for as low as 5 Euros. It is best to find out what standard features come with the package. It is advisable to check out a comparison site to find out what you are getting for a particular price.

Q. Why should I register many domain names?
Registering more than one domain name is protection against competition registering a similar domain name which will drive traffic away from your website. It is advisable to register domain names that are similar to your domain name so that no one can use them for a different website which will affect your brand.

Q. Will my website be unavailable when the package expires?
Before the expiry of the hosting period, you will receive a reminder to renew or upgrade, this will help you keep your website online. You can also choose automatic renewal so that you do not have to worry about the website going off.

Q. Is Unlimited hosting really limitless?
It is really hard to imagine anything without limits. The truth about unlimited offers is that there is still a kind of limit that you may need to find out. in most cases the limitlessness applies to a particular feature while others will still have a limit. Take the time to find out what limits exist within the unlimited offer.

Q. What are the advantages of Linux hosting?
One of the most common reason people prefer Linux is the access it provides to other platforms which include: MySQL, PHP and Python among others. It also provides the option to personalise the website to suit your needs. A user can easily make improvements or corrections when a problem is identified. Linux is known to have the least amounts of crashes which means there will be fewer downtimes in comparison to windows. This makes it the hosting option for high traffic sites.