Registering a .ie domain infographic

infographics (1)This info-graphic shows us the steps required in registering a .ie domain. Acquiring a .ie domain can be difficult at the best of times. With this graphic we hope to explain it you and make the process for you a lot easier. Any questions about this info-graphic or any other questions make sure to contact us.

Step 1: Is your Domain name available?
Use the site to search for your desired domain and see if it is available.

Step 2: Do you have the necessary documentation?
Depending on the type the entity registering the domain, different type of documentation is needed. Check here for all the latest information.

Step 3: Arrange domain name hosting.
There is a number of accredited registrars affiliated with IEDR. Here are some of the main companies:
Hosting Ireland
Web Host
Register 365
Here is a good article on deciding on a hosting company. Also provide reviews on host providers.

Step 4: Submit your application
Then it is a matter of submitting the required documentation to prove your connection to Ireland and your claim to the domain.

If you have any more questions make sure to check out our FAQ.