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Do I need fast web hosting?

Is fast page loading important? Users want a quick website loading time. Whether you have a website for a small business selling a handcrafted product, an online store, or even a personal blog, you could be losing traffic due to your load times. If your page loading speed is higher than two seconds, many viewers […]

Free web-hosting phising scam

Cyren, winner of the 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence award, is a web Security Company that has recently released information on a new phising scam that has taken advantage of free web hosting. While free web hosting may be suitable for individuals and in some cases small businesses, these services are a favourite of malicious individuals who […]

Keeping your website secure

How to keep your website secure Even beginners to computers and web hosting can make large steps towards keeping their websites secure from malicious intent. Some hackers are trying to steal personal information, others will attempt to use your legitimate website to link to their illicit websites, and others simply wish to deface and destroy. […]

Guide to SSL certificates

What is an SSL certificate? You have probably noticed that most websites start with http. Websites that have an SSL certificate will start with https instead. The S stands for Secure. You may have also noticed that when you use a website there is a padlock icon. This means the website is using an SSL certificate. […]

What is web hosting?

In simple terms, what is web hosting? Your customers search your company name on Google. They see your website pop up on the search page, and they click it. They are transported to your website. This is a process you have done thousands of times in your life. Where exactly does web hosting play in […]

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Major companies fulfill their hosting needs using a dedicated server. There are many advantages to using such a service. How important is good web hosting if you are a smaller scale business? You have to ask yourself what investment you are willing to make. Performance The main advantage of a dedicated server is performance. […]

Free Website Hosting

Free Website Hosting Free web hosting is a great option for those who need hosting for non-commercial purposes. There are multiple free hosting options that can be the best to start out when you are just learning the ropes of website building. The drawback of free web hosting is, in general, that it comes with […]

Ireland’s top technology news sites

When people think of countries known for their coverage of and innovation in the technology arena, few think of Ireland. However, the Ireland is becoming more prominent on the tech scene and some of the most useful technology news sites in the world are published by Irish authors and companies. If you want to really keep […]

Registering a .ie domain infographic

This info-graphic shows us the steps required in registering a .ie domain. Acquiring a .ie domain can be difficult at the best of times. With this graphic we hope to explain it you and make the process for you a lot easier. Any questions about this info-graphic or any other questions make sure to contact […]

Good web hosting important?

Even if a website owner has the best content online, without good servers, a lot of their efforts will be futile. Good servers is very important to the success of the site, more so if it is a business site. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to find the provider or, at […]