Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server

Major companies fulfill their hosting needs using a dedicated server. There are many advantages to using such a service. How important is good web hosting if you are a smaller scale business? You have to ask yourself what investment you are willing to make.


The main advantage of a dedicated server is performance. You are not sharing server resources. This means that other websites using the same shared server will not slow your websites performance. This results in maximized uptime for your website.

A dedicated server gives you plenty of disk space, bandwidth, SQL storage, and high performance. It also allows for scalability in a way that shared hosting cannot compete with.


With shared hosting you do not have any say in which other websites are hosted on the server which provides your hosting. This means that your websites IP address is shared with other websites which can be nefarious – a black mark in terms of page rankings. You can be unjustly punished through sharing a server with negative domains.

With a dedicated server it is only you that is able to access the server. This provides more protection against malware and adware.

Technical Support

Technical support is another reason to chose dedicated hosting. However, this benefit is company dependent. Most companies will offer a higher tier of technical support for customers who are using a dedicated server compared to a shared server. Quicker response times can be worth their weight in gold when you have a business that relies on its website.

Dedicated server hosting vs purchasing a server

A server must be kept in a very specific environment. This means a temperature and moisture controlled climate. Many small and even mid sized businesses simply cannot afford the space and effort required to keep a server safe. Dedicated server hosting allows you to keep the expensive hardware out of sight and out of mind, secured against environmental and other factors.

Disadvantages of a dedicated server

The main disadvantage of a dedicated server is cost. Unlike shared hosting, where the cost of the server is split between multiple customers, dedicated hosting serves only you or your company. While you can host multiple websites using a single dedicated server it is you who will be paying the premium for the set up, maintenance, and other costs associated with a dedicated server.

We do not necessarily recommend a dedicated server for small businesses or beginners to web hosting. The advantages of the dedicated server generally do not outweigh the costs associated with it if you are not expecting a high volume of traffic and transactions on your site.

Dedicated servers are usually best for mid level companies which require a dedicated server but do not have the resources to purchase and maintain a server of their own. This is not a hard and fast rule. If you have a small business, do not necessarily be dissuaded if you expect to grow in the future as dedicated servers do offer unparalleled scalability compared to shared and cloud based hosting.

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