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When people think of countries known for their coverage of and innovation in the technology arena, few think of Ireland. However, the Ireland is becoming more prominent on the tech scene and some of the most useful technology news sites in the world are published by Irish authors and companies. If you want to really keep up with the latest tech discoveries and gadgets, you’d be wise to put some of these Irish gems on your radar. Here are some of the best sites in Ireland for technology news.


TechCentral, also known as TechPro, is one of the most revered technology magazines from Ireland. It’s editorial team is seriously committed to delivering key technology news that is not only well written but informative and insightful. The website has various channels for tech consumers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. The TechCentral TechRadio section has awesome interviews with movers and shakers in Ireland’s tech industry, while the TechLife section of the website delivers information about the hottest products and gadgets to hit the market. Don’t have much time to stay on top of things? Then you should definitely check out TechCentral’s Technology Minute.

Irish Tech News

The award winning Irish Tech News helped set the standard for digital publications focused on Ireland’s tech industry. Whether you want to know about a social media viral story or want details on the latest smartphone that was just released, Irish Tech News covers a wide range of diverse technology topics. The writing is concise and top notch, plus each piece of content is created with expertise — you won’t find fluff pieces or irrelevant garbage here. Though the site’s primary focus is tech news from Ireland, you’ll also find coverage of technology and STEM news stories from around the globe. Irish Tech News’s Business Showcase section helps shine the spotlight on Irish companies in the technology space, which is a definite plus.<

Digital Times

Digital Times is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs and companies in the tech sector, especially those based in Ireland. If you want to know the best apps and tools to grow your business or expand your brand, Digital Times has an abundance of useful information. Digital Times also has the pulse on how best to reach Irish consumers via innovative technology. The website is host of The Appys, which is a contest for companies that produce consumer applications.

The Business Technology section of news portal is a fantastic resource for entrepreneurs, those who are employed in the technology sector, and anyone interested in how Ireland plays into the world’s tech industry. You’ll not only find news about internationally famous tech enterprises, but technology innovators and businesses that are based in Ireland as well.

Irish Central

Many know the website Irish Central as a hub for culture and opinion pieces, but it also has a solid technology news section. It’s one of the best sources for up to date information on Irish tech entrepreneurs and start ups. Irish Central also provides reviews of tech gadgets from around the world and those that were invented in Ireland.

Silicon Republic

Silicon Republic is perhaps one of the best known sources of tech news in Ireland, with over a half million page views per month and counting. If you want to read more about a news story you heard about in passing, chances are you’ll find the full scoop on this popular tech website. The aim of Silicon Republic is to help readers stay informed about all things that impact the world of science, technology, engineering, and math, especially when it comes to Irish-based influencers and entrepreneurs. Silicon Republic also covers the latest consumer tech, internet trends, earth science and space exploration, and provides IT strategy reports.

Ireland’s Technology Blog

Sometimes, simple is best and many people crave tech info that isn’t bogged down in jargon — not everyone who is interested in technology is a professional or super-savvy enthusiast. If this is you, then Ireland’s Technology Blog is the website that you should be reading. Not only does it provide straight forward and informative articles about apps, computing, and gaming, but the website’s gadget reviews are quite helpful. Think of Ireland’s Technology Blog as the average tech consumer’s online BFF.

Lets say you’re a tech lover who is super short on time and you want to read small blurbs about what’s going on in the technology world. The problem: you can’t find a spare minute to wade through the endless sea on content online. The solution: This Irish tech news site has a clean design and it’s easy to navigate to your story of choice. Just reading their helpful news summaries will bring you up to speed in mere minutes. For those who have more time to read about the tech industry’s goings on,’s podcasts and videos are both informative and entertaining. This site’s writers have an obvious sense of humor, as evidenced by some of their hilarious — but true — tech news snippets.

ITB Gadget Girl

We’ve already covered Ireland’s Technology Blog on this list, but we would be remiss not to mention their gadget girl, Hazel. Her Twitter feed isn’t your boring and blah timeline full of a mishmash of items, it’s a well curated page that serves as a news hub in and of itself. Hazel’s humor and unique approach to covering tech news and gadget reviews beautifully combines with Twitter’s interactive platform. There is the small personal tidbit here and there, but this Twitter feed will satisfy just about any tech junkie.

Not all of Ireland’s best tech websites and blogs are published by big names in the industry. One,, is the creation of techie and Android lover Ciaran. This tech savvy fellow is not only known for his love of the latest technology innovations, he delves into his various re-discoveries of old gems. Ciaran’s blogs are well written, entertaining, and it’s nice to have some personality thrown behind tech posts, which are notorious for being dry. His expertise in the tech arena shows — not only is he a tech head in his spare time, Ciaran has worked with major international brands such as Vodafone, PlayStation Ireland, Nokia, and Three Mobile.

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler is another independent Irish blogger and tech editor who definitely knows his stuff. He’s not only passionate about technology, but he’s bold and tells it exactly how he sees it. The Dublin based writer is part of the core staff at, and his writing style is both thought provoking and engaging. Aside from the writing the he does for the tech section of, Adrian’s Twitter feed is the place to go if you want to get in on great discussions and debates related to tech news, trends, and culture.

Gaming and technology are like super-close brothers: they’re intricately intertwined and one greatly influences the other. Ireland’s is the home of all things related to the Ireland’s video game industry. Want to know what games are coming out this quarter? Head to Are you wondering how major companies such as Demonware and Havok are keeping pace? will tell you all about that, too. In addition to being a tech news hub for mainstream professionals in the video game sector, has a wonderful community for Ireland’s indie game developers and the gamers who support them.

16 year old gaming and tech prodigy Jordan Casey is known throughout Ireland for being a brilliant speaker, programmer, and young entrepreneur. For some serious inspiration — no matter how old or young you are. This website is part of Casey’s growing empire and it combines multiplayer gaming with educational information aimed at teaching youth how to program. Old timers will definitely find something to interest and entertain them as well, and this is one tech site that we all should keep our eyes on in the coming years.

Silicon Ireland Newswire

Forget the fancy frills and flashy details — this website is all about bringing you news about Ireland’s tech sector in a streamlined, straight forward way. If you’re more into facts rather than opinion pieces, this is the best site to get snippets of news and read about tech events and product releases from Irish companies. The website also has a library of videos that feature live steams from tech summits and conferences around the globe.

Web Summit

Ireland’s Paddy Cosgrave is a tech savvy innovator who is well known on social media. He’s also a devoted tech enthusiast and the creator of Web Summit. What was once an idea to get people interested in technology to come together has turned into a huge international event: Web Summit. Check out the Web Summit website for the latest news on the next convention, as well as information about product launches from creators inside and outside of Ireland.

Kim Pham 

The inspiring Kim Pham is the co-founder behind Ireland’s Frontline, a community focused venture capital firm that is aiming to seed some of the newest, most innovative companies in Ireland and Europe. Pham’s personal website is a collection of some of the most insightful tech opinion blogs and websites online, and is a must read for tech lovers who want more than the average gadget or app review.

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