What is web hosting?

In simple terms, what is web hosting?

Your customers search your company name on Google. They see your website pop up on the search page, and they click it. They are transported to your website. This is a process you have done thousands of times in your life. Where exactly does web hosting play in the picture?

To put a website up you need to first purchase a domain name. When people go to your website by typing in www,yourdomainname.com, they are taken to your site. But if you have no web hosting, they will be taken to a blank page.

Web hosting can vary widely in price depending on your company needs. There are even options for free web hosting available.

How do domain names know where to point visitors? This is done using DNS. DNS or Domain Name System refers to nameservers. It is a code that you “point” towards your web hosting company so that the web hosting company can associate your website with the web hosting service that you have purchase from them. If you are purchasing your domain from your web hosting provider then the DNS code will already be pointing to the web hosting site and you will not have to make any changes. However, if you purchase your domain name from a third party you will have to follow the simple process of pointing your domain name to your web host. This sounds more complicated than it really is. Generally it is a process that can be completed in just a few minutes.

Web hosting is what allows visitors to actually see your website.
It is where you website exists. You need to buy a site for your brick and mortar business to exist in. Web hosting is this space where you can store your files, images, and web content.

If you are asking about web hosting, you probably also want to know if good web hosting is important.

How does web hosting work?

A web hosting company has a physical server and a data center. The server provides space for your website to exist on. When you are uploading files, they need to be stored somewhere. They are stored in the physical server of your web hosting provider.

What is a server?

This is another term that is less complicated than it sounds. In essence, a server is just a computer that is used for a network. The word server refers to both the computer that is used for computational power and the computer program that allows the computer’s resources to be used for hosting your website.

Web hosting servers are where all of your files reside. This includes the HTML that forms your websites and all of your media content such as pictures and videos.

The data center offers you connectivity to the internet.

In the end, web hosting is very simple. A web hosting company is one which uses a whole bunch of computers that work as servers to store all of your website’s data.

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